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Divina Blackson - "TWISTED FANTASY"

A British lady, Divina Blackson, coming in with "Twisted Fantasy", a song released on August 5, 2022.

Divina Blackson is a singer-songwriter, born and raised in South London. Her musical influences include; Tracy Chapman, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Adele.

Her beautiful and emotional voice reflects her warm and deep personality, making her a unique artist, most likely here to stay for years!

According to Divina, "I wrote this song during the lockdown, the idea actually came to me in the shower and within 24 hours I had written three songs,

Twisted Fantasy was one of them."

The song is about liberation, realising who you really are and not being ashamed of it. It's about seeing your true reflection in someone else's eyes and in letting go through love, you find yourself and the best moments.

Divina going about the song production; as an up and coming artist, said,

" I initially recorded the idea, melody and words on my laptop in the dark.

Sometimes I feel it's a vibe, it shuts every distraction out and the only thing in the room is my voice and the mic."

Divina has it that, "If you're not going to give it all you've got, don't bother trying." And that marks our "Food for Thought" of the day to you and everyone out there.



Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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