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“DOUBTFUL” by Rob Eberle

Rob Eberle is a young, versatile singer & songwriter. Rob writes all of his own music, lyrics and works with various producers to create unique moments within his songs. Each one of Eberle's songs are stories and moments into his life and others around him.

Rob Eberle is a true definition of Music and as an Artist. Blending of vocals took it to another level with the high pitching of the beat range.

Are you ready to take off and step foot onto another world? “Doubtful” will take you there, there’s no worries of being sober because this track provides a natural high. The self titled single is going to open your mind and expand you to infinite galaxies, think of Rob Eberle as your spiritual guru. His epic solos are what will bring you back for more, Rob knew exactly what to play to bring you in. It’s amazing to see how an artists brain works and it is nice to peek inside Rob’s mind.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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