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“DUNE GIRL” by Kissing The Flint

Leah Chynoweth Tidy is an Queensland singer/songwriter currently based in her father's native Scotland. she created musical project Kissing The Flint 'creating a spark' in 2015 to cut through the fakery of the modern world. Authenticity and emotion run through her songwriting, storytelling and sassy live performances, leaving each listener feeling connected and empowered.

Song themes flow from an adventurous spirit with crystal clarity of message and vivid imagery drawn from experience, empathy and imagination. Her music moves easily from roots beauty to sultry launch in explorations of the human condition, a genuine desire to empower others and a lifelong affinity with the natural world. Wherever you find her in the world, she's immersing in nature, "kissing the flint' on stage, penning new songs for future albums and inspiring with authentic, relatable song stories.

Dune Girl’ in August 5 of 2022. She has a smooth and ethereal indie folk sound and does a great job at providing those hard-hitting relatable deep cuts. Kissing The Flint writes her music from a place of real emotions and experience, which develops well into this deeper lyricism.

An inspirational track from Kissing The Flint, Dune Girl, brings our hearts out, drawing shapes out of the stars and breathing a language on love and relationship. Flint’s pensive and thoughtful vocal tone is endearing, a loving reflection of their opaque sensibilities. The simple instrumentation caters to such a captivating tone. This is a lush and colourful track that pulls me into their heart and relational mindfulness. A brilliant storytelling approach to songwriting, highlights this wonderfully melodic and just ever so edgy drawn vocal.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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