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“FEMBOT” by Koleklein

KOLEKLEIN is an American born Music Producer, Songwriter, Artist & DJ. KOLEKLEIN brings the cyber realm into reality with mind shattering bass music, meshing an unforgettable fusion of Tearout and Dubstep prepared to rock you to your core.

KOLEKLEIN will open a moshpit so brutal you might want to stand aside, there are only two things you can do while listening to KOLEKLEIN’s music, either rip the nearest rail out of the ground or re-align your vertebrae.

FEMBOT” aims to cross musicals boundaries and create something exotic, Koleklein wants to make something for everyone. Do you think he has achieved this? That’s a big fat yes, this track is built around the compositions by bass drum and musical effects to construct a driving force to be reckoned with.

As you get through more of the song you’ll come across the score, It starts off as a heavy rock track. The pure melodies plus the intensity of the instruments is a perfect combination. It’s almost like a goth rock opera.

You will enjoy every single moment of “FEMBOT”, let “FEMBOT” walk out into the sunset. This euphoric three minute track will allow you to drift away as you head back into the forest and thank Koleklein for taking you on this journey.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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