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“FLYEST” by Jumbok Jay

Jumbok Jay Is a young versionary, entrepreneur, artist chasing his music dreams hoping to touch the world with his lyrics and rhythm patterns.

Sonically, you can hear the new sounds that Jumbok has been learning and exploring, having spent the year immersed in developing his score. Flyest sound is a refreshing breather amongst the contemporary pop space thanks to an infusion reminiscent of heatwaves in the city or sundown on a tropical beach.

The new track Flyest encapsulates the flavour of Jumbok’s long-time music inspirations and marks a new chapter for him. Almost everything about this release sucks. It’s Jumbok’s solo release, and it’s among the best solo track you’ll ever get. Why? Cuz “Flyest” sucks, and it’s taking him far, far too early, at least with Jumbok’s catchy voice on it, keep bumping before his time.

Sure, it will suck that you can’t listen to Jumbok Jay anymore after you are dust … but no one really knows that answer. For now, listen to it while you can!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

this article was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator


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