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“GET YOU OFF MY MIND” by Atomic Bronco

Atomic Bronco is a retro-inspired indie/alt rock act from Austin, Texas and London UK. The creation of producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, Atomic Bronco blends an interesting mix of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi and classic rock.

The one-man rock band is originally from the heart of rural America, founded the project and released the first two albums while living in London, and now makes guitar driven music in his Austin studio.

Here is an artist who can reach in and stir up the waters. His sensitivity to mood and emotion are evocative and stirring in all the right ways. Stay tuned is Atomic’s latest single Get You Off My Mind on his profile which is somewhat massive. He has his latest track released on August 5, 2022.

Get You Off My Mind is a great melodic, high energy indie/alt rock tune from Atomic. I love this simple energy, the mood, and the balance of straight-up melodic theme. You can feel that creative drive in the score.

Atomic delivers such transient bass drum that have all the mood and dynamics to pulse their way into your soul.

A good performance is like an offensive line in football, if you don't talk about it or notice it, then it's probably good and rocking enough to start every journey. The listener can pick up on some influence in the keys and that solid rhythm backbone that pushes Atomic’s sweet vocal. This is an impressive release!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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