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“GHOST” by Dragnfly Industri

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Dragnfly Industri is set to break barriers in more ways than one in 2022. With whimsical melodies and quirky charm, the mature age artist exudes the philosophy that it's never too late to explore your passions, find your legacy and live your purpose every day.

Covid lockdowns gave her the chance to explore and learn the craft of songwriting in between cups of coffee, glasses of wine and remote learning. Dragnfly Industri's debut single "GHOST"

Melbourne artist, Dragnfly Industri latest release Ghost has a lush moody cadence that draws the listener into her world. Accompanied by a swirl of dynamics and layered production ghost is a stunning listen that promises to carry away the listener. With groovy and compelling instrumentation and vocals that softly hover above them, the sound is relaxed but with enough of a downbeat to promise an engaging track.

There is a deep sadness in the lyrics, a movement, pushing and pulling. Dragnfly Industri summarizes the track in a few words. Ghost is absolutely phenomenal. there’s no better time to dive into her euphoric sound. Stream “Ghost” now!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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