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‘Find Myself Again’ is an upbeat-acoustic pop song with the sentiment of a ballad. Through profound and sincere lyrics, the artiste speaks about their experience of heartbreak and how it changed the perception of themselves.

“This experience completely changed the way I saw myself. There were a lot of things that I had overlooked, and it was not until after I was no longer in that situation that I started to see things from a new perspective. So, for me, the song is not about dwelling on the past but learning and growing.”

Hebe was inspired to write this song after experiencing her first heartbreak. Hebe says, “I was inspired to write this song in the style of a letter, where it is as though you are speaking to the person who broke your heart and saying all those things that you never got to say to them.”

Hebe’s artistic journey began with sharing covers of her favourite artistes on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Through this, Hebe has grown her fanbase and built a lasting connection with her fans by sharing engaging content on social media and interacting with them on a more intimate level.

Hebe’s music can be described as honest, emotional, and heartfelt; drawing from first-hand experiences through bullying and struggling with negative self-esteem as a child, Hebe does not shy away from expressing vulnerability in her music, as she wants her music to help others that may have gone through similar experiences and guide them towards finding their inner voice.

Hebe Horley announced on February 7th, 2023, that she will release her highly anticipated debut single ‘Find Myself Again’ on March 10th.

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