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“HERE WE GO” by Lethia’s Natorium

Hertfordshire based Singer/songwriter and musician Pena Hughes-John has adopted many guises in her music. Whilst her solo work has attracted a following at local folk and Steampunk events (mostly accompanied with her Ukulele), Pena always had an inner punk/rock side…it was just the case of choosing her timing carefully as to when to bring her rockier/punk/goth side to the public arena.

Here We Go” is the latest release from Pena, this song is an anthem to the people her age that you should go after you want, be driven and go after your goals. Don’t let anyone hold you back from you achieving the highest status that you can get. so "Here we go". Her clear and raw lyrics will bring you in almost instantly, you can see why she’s coined her own genre.

Pretty punk is clean but gritty, upbeat and driving, it’s a great mixture of pop punk and grunge and to have such a kick ass female behind the vocals, it makes it even better. Comparing Pena and her music to other people seems like a misjustice to her, she has created something that is all her own and “Here we go” is further proof of that. This is her third single of the year, will she release a fourth? Either way you have to bop to this piece while you wait!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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