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“HIDDEN PATH” by Perttu Leinonen

Perttu Leinonen, a band that is quickly becoming a household name, they have been making hit after hit and this latest one is no different.

It won’t be long before Perttu Leinonen is your favorite band, keep blasting “Hidden Path” a eight track latest album while you wait for the next release.

Perttu uncorks Hidden Path with Field of hay” is slow, dark, melodic…it brings you in with the emotions that it provides. It’s somberness is something that you need in your life, it helps you release the heavy emotions you’ve been holding onto.

That continues into “Reipatirei Reissumies”, “Progen”, “Murha Kalliot” you can feel the score in Perttu’s similar vibe, It weighs mild on you and if you’ve been in that position that song will hit you harder.

Sonically and emotionally they speak to you in many ways, “Isot saappaat”, “Sanity Fails” is a downbeat track that anyone can relate to, Perttu sucks you in with same familiar score that don’t quit.

Dondebok” comes to a soft, slow, sweet ending with “What’s up”, the last track leaves you with your own thoughts in your brain. It lets you marinate on what you just listened to, Perttu has given you a thoughtful and therapeutic album.

Perttu is keeping Finland on the map, He is a force to be reckoned with. This album is showing you more of who He is, a raw emotional side of him. This will boost him to the top of your favorites list, and “Hidden Path” will be an album that you keep on repeat.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

this article was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator


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