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Jacob Browne - "On Your Way"(original single)

Putting his own spin on the delivery and meaning of pop music, independent singer-songwriter Jacob Browne returns with a remarkable new track, ‘On Your Way’.

Hailing from London, England, Jacob turned to music as a coping mechanism following the tragic loss of his father and has had huge success ever since.

This track is about attempting to right the wrongs of your past and to make amends with the people you’ve hurt. For lovers of artists like Ed Sheeran and James Arthur, ‘On Your Way’ is a must listen.

• STREAMING: Jacob Browne has amassed over 2M streams across all streaming platforms, with his most popular release being 'Home (Whoop Daddy).'

• PRESS: Jacob has received recognition from the likes of Record of the Day.


Compiled by Ace Sway, via Groover.


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