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Ace of swords pulled out of the stack this hip hop gem based in Namibia . Their latest single released in this year, Proklaim is saturated and marinated in a fantastic blend of vibes. I was hooked at the first listen. The bass drum drips are layered into a dreamy-yet-edgy atmosphere in the opening, full of promise for lovers of hip hop.

The melody line of the score feels hopeful and maybe even playful; energetic without being excessively attention-seeking. Love the complementary work of the bass drum, deep and anchoring and bringing out all of the colors and nuances of the lead and rhythmic guitars. And it keeps moving and evolving.

The dreaminess evolves into a more driving sensation, spilling into a wide, open chorus fronted by the lead vocals of Proklaim and textured with quietly lush vocal harmonies. I don’t know if you can call hip hop “enchanting”–but I do feel to be under a spell. Or in a dream, as Proklaim’s alluring hip hop vocal style refrains, Happy to have been introduced to the work of these artists, and curious where the road will take them.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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