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KEZRA - "Came Here for You (feat. Ava Perryman)"

KEZRA is a self-taught producer. He learned about music theory while completing his university degree and applied his newfound musical knowledge in the production of remixes for popular artists such as Ariana Grande,, and Jay Sean, cumulatively garnering over 100,000 streams. Recently, he started producing original tracks, the logical next step in his musical journey. The unrestrained creative freedom afforded by originality showcased his talents. His first original track, “Curious” laid that very foundation.

KEZRA's eclectic music taste enables him to approach each track with fresh ideas. His strong suits lie in his high degree of confidence being musically diverse by dabbling in multiple genres, yet still respecting a specific genre’s musical context. This bold take on production involves imbuing a strong element of surprise. Every track presents an opportunity to push creative limits and challenge conventions, while empowering him to broaden his musical knowledge through the exploration of different music styles, as he contends with infusing each track with his own unique artistic flair.

KEZRA is a disruptor, out there making a mark on the music scene, and on this journey to prove that music is the universal language.


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