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Kiana - "Sirens" (original single)

Kiana unveils her debut single Sirens. It’s 4 minutes 7 sec, “Sirens”, access to the arts industry, and disability rights.

According to Kiana, in an interview, “Sirens” is more of an emotional vibe than trying to understand it literally. She said, there was a time she was assured by a friend to not let go of her even in the sirens, but when the sirens blew, that person had left her against the promise made.

We have the song here, just a tap away. And “Sirens is available on almost all streaming platforms.

Kiana is between the ages of 20 to 30-year-old, English singer-songwriter and filmmaker and activist. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, that’s where she grew up and discovered her new musical influence; which had been her childhood dream and had been chasing it a lifetime.

Her debut single was released on July 1,2022.

Produced and mixed by: Axel Goodboy

Lyrics and song by: Kiana, Axel Goodboy

Vocals: Kiana

Mastered by Alex Wharton in Abbey Road Studios


Compiled by: Ace Sway


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