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“LABELS” by Megzz

Megzz is an independent artist from the UK whose genre spans RB, Pop and Neo-Soul. Believing that music is a powerful therapy to herself & others, Megzz uses her songs to empower others, promote self-love and speak out about mental health.

Megzz’s records continue to carry the torch dropping her latest release “Labels” all over the major platforms. Megzz’s vocal is a rip-roaring R&B and neo-soul foray that highlights the trap genre. While the entire track is dripping in the driving instrumentation offers a dynamic interplay of compositional elements, including the spirited lyrics highlighting the musical strengths of the Artist, and the haunting flow, thought-provoking lyrics, attractive vocals, and melodic keys which gives each line a unique stamp.

Megzz’s track Labels is a fun ride and offers a great introduction to several unknown vocalists, as well as an impressive ensemble of musicians, this track is short but sweet and will appeal to general fans.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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