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“LULLABY” by Baywud

BAYWUD latest release is LULLABY which was released on August 3, 2022.He is an L.A based indie artist, songwriter and musician. His style of music that he writes is somewhat unique and hard to pin down but if he had to choose, he would say it is Indie pop with a dreamy new age ambience.

His “Lullaby” track thrills from start to finish, yet a well crafted work from a n Artist that shows himself to be unbound by categories of space, time, and genre. Baywud has a voice that is both heartwarming and reassuring; expertly delivering thought-provoking lyrics around this master class.

Baywud writes his music from a place of real emotions and experience, which develops well into this deeper lyricism. This is such a wonderful track that preludes to an entrancing promises of collection of songs.

With its atmospheric melody and operatic euphonies, Lullaby is truly redolent to listen as there is no dull moments on his latest track. Lullaby invokes a true sense of step change, capturing Baywud moving into the spotlight with purpose and confirming himself to be an artist ready to embrace newfound opportunities.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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