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“MOMENTS ASLEEP” by Chandler

Born and raised in small-town, Alabama, CHANDLER is a singer and songwriter who draws inspiration from real sounds and personal stories and mixes them with chill pop vibes to create an emotional experience. Though currently living in Los Angeles, California, he has collaborated with everyone from New York to Nashville to Portland to deliver his upcoming artist project. The first single, In the Movies, feels a little like pain but also like windows-down, just dance through it kind of therapy. With his biggest influences being LAUV, JP SAXE, and FINNEAS, CHANDLER is one to watch to produce music that hits all the feels.

Chandler’s latest four track EP “Moments Asleep” starts off with “Fake Chanel”, this heart warming like track will make you drop what your doing and malfunction. The adrenaline kicks in as if you’re in a chase scene or a fight scene in the matrix, the twitchy track will make you want to conquer anything. The track exudes the energy of the darkness in the modern.

With the title of the next track being “Sleep Song”, you start to get concerned that this is where you die. The track is so action thought provoking, it’s hard to imagine how much further Chandler can push it. Chandler has distributed two tracks that absolutely give you all the energy you need, no caffeine needed.

After you’ve given your heart a breather and your lungs, you’re going to want to go at it again. It’s time for round 2, six minutes isn’t enough and you need to experience the breakdown in “Moments Asleep” more than once.

The EP really is one of a kind, you can’t compare Chandler to anyone because he is on his own, it won’t belong before you compare other artists to Chandler. If you’re trying to get pumped up or need music to make you focus, “Lazy” is the two minute and twenty-two seconds you need in your life. Poser” ends the EP while it aims to cross musicals boundaries and create something exotic, it wants to make something for everyone. let “Moments Asleep” walks you out into the sunset. This euphoric thirteen minute EP will allow you to drift away as you head back into his world and thank Chandler for taking you on this journey!

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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