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“MOUNTAINS” by Double Comfort Safari

Double Comfort Safari is a solo project by musician Paul Renwick. Starting out as a bassist, he played in the local rock scene for a number of years. He later developed as a singer and songwriter and was the frontman for a three piece indie-rock band, "Kiev".

The world is, thankfully, filled with so much talent it’s hard to keep up. Flip that coin over and you’ll also find an equal amount of mediocrity across the board. How very zen you are, singer/songwriter. When it comes to singers, there’s some that get more than a fair shake based on things other than vocal talent, and then you have under the radar guys like Double Comfort Safari, a gent with pipes you rarely hear in music anymore the kind of guy who can sing anything, has an effortless range yet also is a soul and vibes in everything he does.

The colors he conjures create such a potent and touching atmosphere, making it hard to move on to the closing allegro, which is performed with infectious energy and great finesse. Double Comfort Safari’s recording is fabulous: clear and resonant, the two instruments beautifully balanced. The driving notes are exceptional, with introductory notes by the artist, truly honoring the sense of artistic score.

You probably first heard of him in the previous releases including Seven Years Old, and if you don’t know who he is, that’s on you. The musicianship is strong, the songwriting is great, but it’s Safari’s vocals that made and make the tracks a force to be reckoned with.

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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