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“MR. W” by SEMH

The songwriter captures unforgettable memories, moments and profound emotions in her music. Stories that cry out for identification. Messages that move everyone. She writes and composes herself. Mr. W sees Susi Eva Maria Herzberger takes a detour into introspective territory, revealing an artist with self awareness and story telling prowess, while still keeping her flair for melody and crafting an undeniable earworm.

Another example of why SEMH is set to make an impact, putting on for her community, and destined for stardom, one by one creating a swarm of devoted fans and believers. Mr. W pulses through the opening with a movement that is the perfect balance of what a quality track is. There is something smooth to the pulse that enhances the movement that makes you want to bop to it.

It is almost impossible to not bounce as you hear the melody. This could be a good concert opener as the title is somewhat developed. Great performance in all.

Reviewed by ACE SWAY



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