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n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo’s leading single, "PULL UP N ORDER"

n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is a Experimental Hip Hop and Soul artist from Houston, TX. He is the voice of Global Rhythm and the Owner of the label, Element 11. He is cultivating a series of albums called, The Codex, which will be an extension of eleven bodies of work.

The leading single for the fourth edition in The Codex series is, "PULL UP N ORDER", produced by gospel instrumentalist, IJ Beats. D’Vo never loses his unique touch for melodic hip-hop with soulful vocals throughout the track as he sings about placing his order.

He says this track was a lot of fun and he had the opportunity to really get creative and perfect the production.

In fact, "PULL UP N ORDER", is outperforming the other singles he considered as the lead for his album. Here is what a few Soundcloud tastemakers are saying about the single,

“Great inspirational and motivational music!” “Awesome song! Love the beat and vocals, you kill it.” “Loving the dreamy production & atmosphere wow.”

The fourth album titled, The Codex: In My Bag, will be a shift from the first three albums. With each release, the recording artist has improved upon his craft and delivery. Volume IX will also be distributed differently than the previous, with new singles releasing every month.

D’Vo is an anonymous artist and uses art and animation to tell his story. He has an academic background with a musical talent and didn’t create his first album until 2019.

D’Vo is also theCEO of a multimedia marketing company providing creative marketing solutions for clients.


Compiled by ACE OF SWAY.


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