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“NONE TONIGHT” by Jack Tracy

Jack Tracy is back with a vengeance with his brand new bop "Daddy Made It" as his flagship single ushering in a sexy new era of music, exclusive OnlyFans music videos and even more LGBTQ+ content. This latest project follows 2021's "Love Yah" EP, 2019's "For You" LP and 2018's "Older" LP.

Jack is also the head of LGBTQ production studio Necessary Outlet Productions, through which he has created and starred in the web series "History" and feature film "Snowflake". both of which are now streaming on Dekkoo.

None Tonight is his latest release of the year. More releases and visuals to come. The song starts out with a driving instrumentation and a punchy quick riff that sets the standard for what is an excellent single. A good performance is like an offensive line in football, if you don't talk about it or notice it, then it's probably good and rocking enough to start every journey. Awesome vocals and rhythmic beat. That’s a gem from such talent.

The initial pulse of tones continues into the body of the track, gaining a shimmering upper layer. While you aren’t going to dance like crazy to this track, the dance vibes in the low levels easily have you moving around to the sound

There’s nothing clinical for vibes and punches aside Jack Tracy’s latest track “None Tonight”. Check this burner out on all major platforms.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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