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“NORMAL TENSION” by Jackson Vincent

Jackson Vincent is an indie folk artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He often experiments with dichotomies such as earthy fuzz-driven guitars and heavily processed vocal effects. Jackson has dubbed his gloomy sound as 'music for ghosts;" a new musical styling combining elements of folk, grunge, alternative, and lo-fi genres among others.

"It can get dark and surreal at times, but it's a vibe that we've all found ourselves stuck in. It's a type of moody tune that would play as a ghost drifts across planes, somehow both earthy and otherworldly," says Jackson. His music often discusses themes of love, loss, self-discovery, and permanence; typically inspired by or loosely based on events in his own life.

In a strange way this six track EP "NORMAL TENSION" makes you want to get up and dance, it’s groovy yet moody, gives you the chance to shake your hips and bump a little bit. This folk and lofi tracks are quickly going to be something you add to your daily playlist, EP made for everyone. I felt connected to the subtle vocals, and pensive delivery throughout. There is no dull moment from "ROVING SOUL" down to "FINE/FLAME"

Released on all major platforms, Jackson is poised amongst a slew of talents that share a common sound; stellar songwriters and lush instrumental delivery.

Now’s your chance to add Jackson to your list of favorites, it won’t be long before that name is known by all. The psychedelic sound puts you in this hypnotic trance that you won’t want to get out of. Keep an eye on Jackson, he is going to quickly rise up and it won’t be a shock. You’ll want to witness the rise of Jackson so you can say “I’ve been there from the beginning.” Jackson is making tracks that are hard to not enjoy, stick around.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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