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Proklaim, a solo artist, rapper, and songwriter, dropped his newest single "Permission" on January 2nd, featuring a vibrant and energetically bold hip-hop beat.

Proklaim combines Afro beats with Amapiano in a way that exhibits a distinct musical fusion. This particular song truly showcases Proklaim's artistic prowess and the fun fact is all the verses for "Permission" were written and recorded in a single session.

In "Permission," Proklaim deftly conveys the spirit of Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Nas, and Tupac. The song masterfully combines their well-known genres, showing a fearless desire to forge a distinct identity while honoring hip-hop's origins. The idea of the song is granting oneself permission to become great, to move from the commonplace to the extraordinary.

Proklaim's bars hit the target with uplifting, energetic, and skillful delivery. The creative fuse of Afro beats and Amapiano adds an energetic touch to the track. The infectious beats and top-notch production quality, courtesy of Audio Art Namibia, elevate the listening experience even further.

The South African rising star isn't asking for permission, he's giving it. Permission is a must-listen. The spontaneity in this track's creation adds an authentic and vibrant energy for those seeking a refreshing take on hip hop.


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