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Prince of Persia Swag: LOONEY MACK feat. Goldmouth & 707 Cortez

Prince of Persia Swag
Looney Mack-Prince of Persia Swag

Looney Mack is back with his second release, and oh boy, does he know how to bring the party! Hailing from the Bay Area, Looney Mack, Goldmouth, and 707 Cortez come together to inject new life into the hip-hop scene, breaking free from the stereotype of serious vibes and inviting everyone to just have a good time.

Recorded in the lively city of Las Vegas and produced by De La Music, this track is a heady mix of beats that's impossible to resist. It's the kind of music that you can envision playing in the background of those unforgettable nights out with friends, where the drinks flow, and the laughter never stops.

Looney Mack, known as The Irishman, lives up to his reputation with this single. Following up on the success of "Pouring Up Like Ireland," this track keeps the party spirit alive. As Mack stated, he wants his fans “dancing and having fun” instead of the solemn aura often cloaking hip hop. Consider the mission accomplished. "Prince of Persia Swag" moves with the bouncing gait of a song not meant for chin-stroking but for letting loose.

With plans for a tour in the pipeline for spring 2024, it's safe to say that this is just the beginning for Looney Mack and his crew. And we’re excited for what’s next. 


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