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“RUN IT” by Amy Correa Bell & Les Les

From the 818 Valley in Southern California, Amy Correa Bell is an infectious energy bringing her dynamic style through unique musical expressions for music lovers. Delivering custom blends of Urban Pop, New Wave and RB, her 80's and 90s inspirations travel into future decades. Follow along as Amy leads us through the 2020s ushering in a new era of Urban Retro Pop on a future trip.

Amy Correa Bell, an Artist that is quickly becoming a household name, she has been making hit after hit and this latest one is no different. It won’t be long before Any Correa Bell is your favorite Artist, after bumping into Run it, her latest track released on July 22, 2022 and it’s a banger.

Run it is a track that is here to give the world its take on urban pop and R&B elements, and that is what I got when listening. It’s amazing how much attention it is already receiving.

Having been new to all of this but once you click play on, you’ll understand why. It’s instantly aggressive, in your face and cathartic, it’s exactly the punch you need to get your day going. The track is unique but yet has a familiar sense to it, it makes you curious to see how the rest of the piece will go.

The lyrics do not fail to bring a powerful romantic touch to the song, they’re honest and real. And it’s brilliant that the instruments (the bass drum, harmonies, leading vocals) all complement the romantic and soulful nature of the lyrics and adding dynamics to every aspect of the song because each part of the song has a different sound. Amy Correa Bell is an incredible musician with a great sound and phenomenal potential to grow into the next Parachute. We’re excited to see where she heads next.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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