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La Palma is a musical duo of Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon, based out of San Francisco and Washington DC. Working between two cities, La Palma's music is created correspondence-style, passing recordings back and forth to build textured compositions that alean from everyday sounds and experiences.

With Sangue Latino, It’s clear that these gents whistle to the beat of their own tune, they seem to not care what anyone thinks and them or their music. This has shown a huge positive response to listeners like you, listeners who aren’t like the “normal” and are deemed as different.

If that’s the case, “Sangue Latino” is the anthem you will need. The truth underneath that quote may hit home for some of you, making the song mean even more to to you as you listen. La Palma single Sangue Latino is an invitation into an open space. It might be described as an downtempo mindfulness experience, embedded in bright, mild acoustic guitar lines and a pulsating bassline. Warm percussion and gentle, fluidly textured vocal harmonies are woven in at just the right time and in just the right measure. La Palma is proving time and time again that they will provide you with music of all realms and have various topics, some being fun and some being meaningful.

La Palma has also made genuine tracks under their profile that you need to check out on all major platforms. It’s never too late to discover your new favorite artist so it’s a good think you’re here.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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