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Sarves Thiru - "Shakti - Sarva Mangala"

Shakti - Sarva Mangala by Sarves Thiru. This is the album cover for Shakti - Sarva Mangala

Sarves Thiru is a composer and performer of sublime quality; her tones reverberate around a cross face of quality genres, with world global fusion and devotional music becoming the most relevant. Here the artist pushes the boundaries like never before, not only are her flavourful melodies the foundation of all that is sublime, but here is a piece with pace, a tempo that is simply undeniable, and a rhythm from the heart and soul of the vocalist herself.

"Shakti: Sarva Mangala," by Sarves Thiru, will light up any room with its flowing pastiche of global musical colours, and its tapestry of multiinstrumental magic, one thats weaved with such passion and clarity into this amazingly classy composition, and I must also mention, that there is a second version of this wonderful piece that is quite delectable with no instrumentation, just the vocals of Sarves Thiru.

The energy, ability, strength and effort, of this fantastic musical fused portion of power, is both strong and utterly addictive, there can be no doubt that Sarves Thiru is a force for good in the musical world, and the genre of devotional globally fused vibrations is all the better for her being a part of it, and this brand new single, "Shakti: Sarva Mangala," has all the energy required to reap her, the just rewards she most certainly deserves, and her fans and listeners will absolutely adore.

❤For the latest update about Sarves’ debut album, follow Sarves on social media:

Facebook: @Sarvesmusic

Instagram: @sarvesmusic

Twitter: @SarvesThiru

YouTube: @sarvesthiru

credit: Steve Sheppard


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