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Sean Gods - “ Heartless (remix)

Kanye West x Dubstep, Sean Gods' first official dubstep release comes as a remix to Kanye West's Heartless. Combining hard hitting drums with smooth ever-present synths, the remix climaxes at a drop that offers the classic dubstep growl with chopped up strings.

Sean Gods is a producer out of Seattle, now living in Los Angeles as an up and coming musician with a promising career.

An artist from Seattle, Washington that grew up listening to as much Radiohead & Death Cab for Cutie as Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Growing up in a small city outside Seattle, Sean listened to music incessantly and would always be scribbling or writing lyrics. As a singer-songwriter and artist for seven years, Sean Gods transitioned from a lyricist to a full-time music producer. Showcasing his love for both bass music and trance, Sean Gods' new remixes and production hope to cross the bleeding edge of music production.

Where to listen:SoundCloud

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Compiled by Ace Sway.


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