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Second Hand By 3 LITTLE WOLVES

Second Hand
Second Hand By 3 Little Wolves

3 Little Wolves doesn't just make music; they create an experience, and their latest jam, "Second Hand," is no exception. Fresh off the success of their debut album, "Fires in the Night," these Birmingham-based indie rockers are back in 2024 with a tune that hits close to home.

Right from the first strum of the guitar, "Second Hand" hooks you in. The acoustic guitar sets the rhythm, blending seamlessly with a bassline that's both catchy and, dare we say, a bit addictive. This is the kind of tune that pulls you right away and won't let go.

It's catchy, it's quirky – it's basically everything you want in an indie track. Singer Paul spills the beans on the song's vibe, diving into the social media rabbit hole that leaves couples physically together but mentally light-years apart. 

Now, let's talk about the sound. No heavy guitar distortion here. Instead, it's a clean, crisp sound that's as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot day. The emphasis on melody is evident throughout, creating a vibrant soundscape that's like a musical palette of emotions.

3 Little Wolves 2 picture
3 Little Wolves 2

With over 15,000 followers on social media, these Wolves are no one-hit wonders. Their uniqueness and killer songwriting are carving out a niche for them in the indie scene. So, if you're into tunes that make you feel something, "Second Hand" by 3 Little Wolves should be on your playlist, pronto.


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