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“SHE KNOWS” by Lierda

Lierda is composed of two Lebanese artists, Adrien (the singer) and Jeil (the composer). We focus on delivering an aura of downtempo/R&B/emo-hop type of sound which we record in our own bedroom studio. They began around 2 years ago and they are currently on their 21th release, and they are still falling in love with the process of music and the interactions that come with it, this is allowing them to grow and make their sound personal and dynamic.

They are starting to develop a strong foundation in their fanbase, and reached editorial playlists on other platforms, next up is Spotify (hopefully), They really see themselves going in the right direction. Their music is about being expressive, and revolves around personal outtakes and experiences they have on life.

An inspirational track from Lierda, She Knows, brings our hearts out, drawing shapes out of the stars and breathing a language on love and relationship. Lierda’s pensive and thoughtful vocal tone is endearing, a loving reflection of their opaque sensibilities.

She Knows drips in simple instrumentation caters to such a captivating tone. This is a lush and colourful track that pulls me into their heart and relational mindfulness. A brilliant storytelling approach to songwriting, highlights this wonderfully melodic and just ever so edgy drawn vocal. Happy to have been introduced to the work of these artists, and curious where the road will take them.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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