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Soniri - 'Home' Debute Single

Soniri  'Home'
Soniri 'Home'

Soniri unveils a sweet and captivating debut single that questions the notions of freedom and uprooting. Her airy voice and delicate guitar arpeggio carry a poetic text that takes us on the roads and encourages us to wonder, 'where is home?' Soniri's music is filled with poetic lyrics wrapped in gentle and intimate indie folk, accompanied by ethereal vocals and instruments.

She draws inspiration from nature and emotions, exploring themes such as travel, mental health, and human relationships. Her songs are bubbles of respite and comfort, influenced by artists like Alice Phoebe Lou, Bon Iver, and November Ultra. Her debut EP, 'Halfway Home,' set to release in January 2024, sets the stage for an intoxicating and soothing atmosphere, with tender lyrics that tackle powerful subjects.

'Home' is the first single from the EP. It originates from years spent traversing countless cities and countries, and the difficulty of answering the question, 'where are you from?' This song exudes feelings of extreme freedom and profound uprooting. It challenges the very personal definition of 'home,' questioning both the constant search for safe spaces and the burning desire to be without attachments. With Soniri, home is both everywhere and nowhere.






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