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Album: Sounds From Rivercity by Soul Dementia

"Sounds from Rivercity" by Soul Dementia is a must-listen. This album includes nine distinct songs that highlight an unconventional style. The opening track, "Go Go Joe," instantly draws you in with its unusual experience. It combines off-kilter instrumental layers with captured, robotic vocals.

Sounds from Rivercity
Sounds from Rivercity by Soul Dementia Cover Art

Soul Dementia is an independent art-pop band from New Jersey, USA. The band draws inspiration from Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, and The Mothers of Invention, with Tommy Tom as the brainchild behind Soul Dementia. The band members, growing up together, had shared experiences coupled with a love of music, which helped them curate their distinct style.

Each track on Sounds from Rivercity plays a unique sound, from the upbeat and energetic "Gimme" to the musing "About." Frankly, the album is a perfect mix of soulful vocals, experimental sounds, and intriguing lyrics. Go Go Joe, lasting just under two minutes, is a strikingly surreal piece of music with an epic feel.

Sounds from Rivercity by Soul Dementia
Sounds from Rivercity

Soul Dementia has played notable gigs on experimental radio programs such as XPN and has a fan following that appreciates its college free-form radio vibe. A fan described their style of music as "a little confused and sometimes beautiful."

The Sounds from Rivercity album was recorded at The Attic in Rivercity with a particular ethos behind the music inspired by the town. Songs on the album include,

1. Go Go Joe

2. Fall

3. Gimme

4. Me

5. All She Needs Is...

6. Eddy

7. About

8. Rivercity

9. Understand

For anyone who enjoys provocative music that challenges the norms of the industry, Soul Dementia is a band worth checking out, especially their latest album, Sounds From Rivercity.


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