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Dance’ pulses through the opening with a movement that is the perfect balance of rock and punk. There is something smooth to the pulse that enhances the movement that makes you want to bop to it. It is almost impossible to not bounce as you hear the melody. The initial pulse of tones continues into the body of the track, gaining a shimmering upper layer. While you aren’t going to dance like crazy to this track, the dance vibes in the low levels easily have you moving around to the sound.

There is something rather addictive to the melody that gets your muscles swaying and shimmying to the rhythm. While the melody gets you bopping away to its rhythm, Beatnik's vocals hover with a hum before sliding across the floor and into your side. There is an intimate feeling to his performance and you can almost feel the caress of his fingers in your hair through the lyrics.

The score is packed with modern electronic vibes as he calls you to dance with him like you are the only people in the world. There is a feeling of instant connection woven into the vocals, but this is the smoothest and most silken whirlpool you will be pulled into. There is a great flow to his performance that is as addictive as the smooth movement of the melody. The spoken word section of the track is a wonderful addition that breaks things up and leads you into the last moments of the single.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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