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“STARS” by Drew Knight & Bradley Denniston

Stars” is suck an electrifying song and a sliver of proof that the Drew Knight and Bradley Denniston are incredibly talented. We look forward to seeing how far they go on their journey in the music business.

The lyrics do not fail to bring a powerful touch to the song, they’re honest and real. And it’s brilliant that the instruments (the bass drum, harmonies, leading vocals) all complement the compelling nature of the lyrics. These Artists deserve a standing ovation for adding dynamics to every aspect of the song because each part of the song has a different sound from the others. That doesn’t mean that the entire song sounds off, but the band steered clear from sounding monotone, which is what a lot of music today is sounding like.

Drew Knight is an incredible band with a great sound and phenomenal potential to grow into the next Parachute band. We’re excited to see where they head next.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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