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Stephen Kelly - "Lazy Way You Look"

Scottish singer songwriter Stephen Kelly has announced his joyful new single Lazy Way You Look, set for release on Friday 3rd March 2023.

Following on from Stephen’s debut single, Tears Run Dry, released in August 2022, Lazy Way You Look takes inspiration from 1960s pop and vocal harmony groups including Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, Crosby Stills and Nash, and The Everly Brothers. With its layered, melodic vocal harmonies and sunny sound, Lazy Way You Look is an upbeat, guitar-led smash, perfect to usher in the first days of spring.

The single provides a taste of what’s to come on the Lanarkshire singer’s debut album, set for release this May.

Stephen Kelly said: “Lazy Way You Look is about admiring someone who has an effortless kind of beauty about them, hence the title! I wanted the song to reflect that kind of casual coolness, both in the lyrics and the uplifting, summery sound, and I think the old-school harmonies really capture that perfectly. While we’re not quite in summer yet, I hope this track gets people looking forward to the lighter, warmer days ahead!”

Recorded between two studios in his home town of Blantyre, Chem 19 Studios and Derek O’Neill Private Studios, Lazy Way You Look features an ensemble of talented instrumentalists accompanying Stephen’s guitar and vocals. Don Wilson is on drums, Derek O’Neill on upright piano, bass guitar and electric guitar, and Peter Lyons on electric guitar.

A music lover from a very young age, Stephen began writing songs in his teens and performed with local bands around Glasgow and Lanarkshire. He then went on to perform solo acoustic shows, before taking the opportunity in 2012 to perform abroad.

Stephen’s journey to release original material has not been without its hurdles. Despite fearing he wouldn’t be able to sing and perform again following a road traffic accident which left him with permanent deafness in his right ear, Stephen quickly bounced back and is now fulfilling his dream of releasing solo music.

Lazy Way You Look will be available to download and stream from Friday 3rd March 2023.


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