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Formed in 2013, "Southbound" has performed numerous shows and entertained thousands. Over the years, they began creating music that embodies the sound and feel of their various musical influences, and eventually decided to pursue writing and performing their own material full time. As the band prepared to release their second album over the winter of 2021-2022 they renamed themselves, and Ludlow Creek was born.

Ludlow Creek is a group of 5 close friends and accomplished singer-instrumentalists who love to create and perform music. Blessed with a strong bond of friendship and utilizing an array of instrumentation, they create genuine, heartfelt music with thoughtful melodies, infectious hooks, and featuring intricate vocal harmonies. Generating a sound that can only be described as "modern classic rock”.

It’s always our (Ace of Swords blog) pleasure as bands with such outstanding talents find their way here. On spot today is the latest single from Ludlow Creek whose amazing melodies have been giving the comfort the masses need. Yet another clinical performance from them and it’s a burner. Such a rocking and compelling instrumentals and vocals. We all have times we need some shoulders to lean our heads on, this track is here to keep us going through all the Stoney roads we go alone. Great performance in all. Go check it out. Thank you for listening!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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