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“TAILSPIN” by The Confederation

Newly arrived on Spotify. The Confederation is a soul, pop, rock, jazz, funk, fusion blending uptempo, downtempo, dance, trance, old school, and neo soul. A broad church bringing unique sonic tones, textures and crossing over genres. The Confederation is a melting pot of musical dna fusing styles from the golden past, vibrant present and exciting future of music.

UK’s very own The Confederation has been popping into everyone’s head lately, with Tailspin. This classic sound quickly brings you in with the lyrics, they’re automatically relatable. Even though the lyrics are a bit on the more emotional end it still makes you want to get up and dance, you can feel the emotions deep in your body. It’s a bit of a cathartic track that makes you feel at ease, knowing that someone can relate you makes you feel less alone.

Tailspin” is three minutes of pure, raw emotion, it’s a track that is made for anyone to enjoy. There’s no limitations to who can love the track, even if you haven’t been in love with a song then The Confederation does it all. “Tailspin” will keep you walking those circles in your head. The Confederation, a name that you will never forget.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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