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“THE DREAM IS FREE” by Joe Macre

Joe Macre is a Pittsburgh PA, based musician. His debut ten tracks album is spotted here on Ace of swords. You can’t help but to admire a solo artist, it shows the dedication to want to be something great despite everyone else. Joe Macre does it all, production, mixing, he writes all his songs, plays the bass and guitar, he also does percussion and drum programming. Joe does quite a lot but he also has help from a few people,

The Dream is Free” is the debut album from the Pittsburgh, PA artist, you got to see a peek of who he is with his first single “I need you”. The album starts off with self titled track “The Dream is Free”, this distorted alien like track will make you drop what your doing and malfunction. The adrenaline kicks in as if you’re in a chase scene or a fight scene in the matrix, the twitchy track will make you want to conquer anything.

Tell me, which features true heavy punk/metal roots, “Ride or Die” instantly smacks you in the face with its heaviness. Joe has given you a reason to “Drop me off at the rainbow”, as you continue to dive into the unrelenting piece. The most worthy song “Life in the theater“ has a more cool vibes to you and the instrumentation get you deep in your spine. You get the opportunity to carry this feeling over into “These cool years (Graduation)”.

Hopefully you still have some energy in you, “Not tonight” sounds strongly unlike how this “Tomorrow is today” is orderly. Except with the song it’s a good one of a kind, it’s one of the hardest hitting track on the album. Joe is proving to you why he will be the next best band.

Get up, crack down, is the kind of track that you want to play while you at the skatepark or beating up a baby. That last part but it does give you energy to do things you haven’t done before, it makes you want to go out there and conquer your day. “The Dark sky sea”, is no much different than the rest of the album, it’s soft and evolves and makes you want to mosh. All in all Joe has presented you with an authentic album that you can’t get enough of.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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