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The Forever Now - “LOVER’S CITY”

Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, The Forever Now’s Canadian/Filipino Montgomery de Luna came a long way from Canada, since BIRP.FM referred to their song "Throw it Down" as, “an atmospheric sonic palette brought to life”, and Indie Obsessive awarded it a “contender for ‘The Summer Hit of 2017’”.

Some people get on the train–others are still standing at the station. This was what The Forever Now’s Montgomery de Luna was feeling when he penned their latest single “Lover’s City”. If you’ve ever experienced the loss of parting ways with someone too soon, then you know what this song is about. Now with the release of the single, almost four years since he first wrote the lyrics, de Luna, somewhat serendipitously, is experiencing that loss again.

Joined by Danish singer-songwriter Trine Lyngvig, “Fyn’s own Lana del Rey” (Fyens Stiftstidende) the two weave together rich harmonies that tell a story of loss and longing. The song is supported by masterful mixing by Peter Katis (producer for The National, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie), and mastering by Shawn Hatfield (Yumi Zouma, Oh Land)

Don’t let me fade away,” pleads the song’s narrator as the song reaches its climax, drowned out by the screeching feedback of backmasked guitars and swelling strings. Never one to shy away from blending genres and sounds, the single uses analog instruments in a very digital way.

An organ is hooked up to an arpeggiator, a Moog synth mirrors the bass guitar, and a tape machine increasing in RPM acts as a riser–creating a unique sonic pallette of indie rock that recalls the band’s previous synthpop singles in a novel and subtle way.

Everyone loves an overnight success story—this is not one of those. Instead, the project has been defined by personal growth, development of craft, and a relentlessly DIY attitude.

Nonetheless, The Forever Now have been on critics’ radar from their debut. According to TEEZ FM, “they have impacted the music scene with their proper debut single ‘Last Day of the Year’”; and as BIRP FM and Indie Obsessive referred to Throw it Down.

In one of the most stunning reviews of their work, The Revue described "I’m Not Ready to Go Yet" as: “Incredibly beautiful. It is part cinematic, part cosmic, part operatic, and completely dazzling. The production work is sublime, radiating of the spatial pacing of Anthony Gonzalez’s (M83) work on Oblivion. The song, however, reaches sonic heights that Gonzalez wasn’t able to achieve … Simply spectacular.

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