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Ozz Gold is a Producer & DJ based in Las Vegas. After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Ozz moved to Vegas and started his music career. Transitioning his call from military service to uplifting thousands through music, Ozz finds fulfillment when he looks out at a room of

people dancing to his music. He is inspired by both tropical and progressive house artists, such as Kygo and Alesso. With them as an inspiration, Ozz's purpose is also to spread love and happiness to all of his listeners.

Ozz has performed for audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas, and recently produced his debut release "Unknown." Though Ozz's background is unconventional, he is making a dent in the music space at an extraordinary rate.

Nicely crafted score throughout his latest release When I’m with you. Ozz created a tonal atmosphere that worked well with the piece. He employed a well constructed melodic theme with interesting movement. Nice swell on opening titles. His reactions to starts and stops of dramatic action within the track was very well done and excellently executed.

It really sounds and feels like that. It’s simple and inviting with warm, drum dipping into some heavier edges at times, and then pulling back into softer, more vulnerable spaces. The song keeps moving and changing in its progressions. I really do feel like I’m following a stream of memories, turning into new corners with the changing guitar expressions or percussion choices.

Overall I was very impressed by Hisscore. Ozz Gold has a superb grasp of this masterpiece. The mass is bopping to When I’m with You as it gets over thousand of listeners across major platforms. Be part of the listening party. Listen on all major platforms.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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