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“WHITE NOISE” by Will Wood

Will Wood is an American singer-songwriter, known for his ever-changing style and difficult-to-decipher public persona. Wood has released numerous singles and three studio albums: Everything Is A Lot, in 2015; Self-Ish (stylized as SELF-iSH), in 2016, The Normal Album in 2020, and the forthcoming “In Case I Make It“ is released in this summer of 2022.

Little is known about the real Will Wood, and his public image has often been the subject of strange myths, misinformation, and misconceptions. Wood has a disdain both personal and ideological for all platforms of social media and its culture, and does not shy away from making these views public.

In this new single, fans are at first lulled into a soft dreamlike sound of a tenor ukulele and end with nothing less than a massive call and response with Will and an 18-person Bulgarian choir that he conducted via zoom for the actual recording.

With the lavish strings, experimental production, and Will Wood's dreamy vocals rising and falling along with cryptic yet moving lyrics, listeners are taken through a moment in time where we hear the artist have a conversation with his own inner voice, trying to look beyond the "White Noise" to see or hear what's really there.

Ace Sway


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