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Known for her unique writing style, independent artist CindyLouise is making waves in the global music industry. Having only starting her career in 2019, the South African-born still continues to drop hit after hit. With so many singers from this era losing their talent, changing keys or in the worst cases dropping complete octaves from the original vocals, here stands Cindy Louise.

Unrelenting, still improving, still working her ass off, and if Woman of my own damn mind, is any indication, those other singers can go back to the bottle and cigarettes–just give Cindy Louise the mic.

If you’re late coming to one of the most musically provocative tracks of the year, don’t feel bad. We’re late writing about it. To be fair, the track has only been out a few months and we spotlighted the genius that is Cindy Louise but since there is literally not enough ink in the world to be spilled proclaiming how amazing Cindy Louise’s latest track is, we can’t help but feel we’ve not done nearly enough.

Behind a deceptively understated and, dare we say, Woman of my own damn mind cover lies one of richest, rhythmic, and musically dynamic projects released in 2022. Cindy Louise gives listeners who might not be familiar with her a glimpse into why she is one of the South African’s must-see vocalists.

The song finds Cindy Louise using her power packed vocal to declare that her days of being taken for granted, mistreated and devalued are over. On “Woman of my own damn mind” Cindy proves she is the indeed. Bump in and do yourself good!

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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