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“WUSS” by Snakedoctors & Ada Nike

Snakedoctors are four friends who started the band in Gdansk, Poland in May of 2020. Are you ready to take off and step foot onto another world? Sankedoctors will take you there, there’s no worries of being sober because this track Wuss provides a natural high.

It’s clear that these gents whistle to the beat of their own tune, they seem to not care what anyone thinks and them or their music. This has shown a huge positive response to listeners like you, listeners who aren’t like the “normal” and are deemed as different. If that’s the case, “Wuss” is the anthem you will need.

The truth underneath that quote may hit home for some of you, making the song mean even more to to you as you listen. Snakedoctors is proving time and time again that they will provide you with music of all realms and have various topics, some being fun and some being meaningful.

Snakedoctors use their power packed vocal to declare that her days of being taken for granted, mistreated and devalued are over. It starts straight with driving instrumentation along a melodic theme giving out the fans full energy they need to get their day going. It’s never too late to discover your new favorite artist so it’s a good think you’re here.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

this article was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator



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