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Young Zan - “TAKE MY SIGHT AWAY” (prod.mcx)

Zane Lynch, aka Yung Zan is a multifaceted, new up and coming songwriter as well Rapper/MC, hailing from the capital of California (Sacramento).

He debuted in 2018 on SoundCloud, and thereafter, has released over 15 Hip-Hop/Rap tracks, and he is now finally returning in 2022 to start making music yet again.

The song "Take My Sight Away" is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of unadulterated, unfiltered emotion that anyone can get lost in.

Anyone can fall in love with the song; even if you've never been in a relationship, you can still experience Yung Zan's vigor. You won't keep going round in circles in your thoughts if you listen to "Take My Sight Away."

You get the feelings deep within your body despite the lyrics being a little bit more intense, and it still makes you want to get up and do something.

Knowing that someone can relate to you helps you feel less alone; it's kind of a cathartic song that puts you at rest.

A great jump starts for Yung Zan to show off his talent, “TAKE MY SIGHT AWAY” was recorded, edited and mastered in under 12 hours. The song took over 2 days of recording, on separate days.

Yung Zan has not released any other tracks related to hyper-pop yet.

Before this song he hasn't released any other songs outside his original genre music and that this was his first attempt, at finding his sound.

Fun fact, Cam (the co producer) had flown down initially from San Diego to hangout...

Much like his ever-changing background, his music evolves, changes, and bobs, around from time to time, resulting in a large variety of music genres.


Compiled by ACE OF SWAY.


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