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YRL Carlo$ - "VACATION" (single)

Fresh offthe successof“Sacrifices”peakingat 17Kviews on YouTube, YRL Carlo$ returns with the release of a brand-newsingle “Vacation”. Produced, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by


YRL Carlo$ lives and breathes vibes. Whether it be upbeat, melodic, lively music that gets everyone hyped, or more sentimental, lyrical music that will get you inspired. The versatility he provides is endless.

After the endless lock-downs of the pandemic, "Vacation"is the perfect getaway song. Summer '22 is

prime time for going on holidays abroad, and what better way to enhance the beach side experience

than to add an upbeat, summer anthem to the playlist.

This getaway single was composed with inspiration from the white sandy beaches of the Philippines, infusing Hip-Hop and RnB with a tropical flair perfect for the season, and overall represents the “Vacation” people need right now.

Honestly, it’s been so depressing for the last 2years just being cooped up indoors most of the time! ”YRL Carlo$ exclaims.

Now that the pandemic has eased more, it was the perfect time to just book a flight and go on a vacation to the Philippines and explore the places I haven’t been to yet, and it’s been liberating.”

Also, being an advocate for social change, YRL Carlo$ released his “I Can’t Breathe”freestyle, speaking on the in justice authority figures have on minorities.His relentless pursue for success is evident on “Sacrifices” where he speaks on the struggles he encountered while trying to find himself as a person.

YRL Carlo$ says, “To achieve your goals in life, you must be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.You might not necessarily like where you’re at now, but if you continue to push through the storm,blessings will come to you”.

" I have always been inspired to use my platform to not only make music that people will enjoy, but to spread positivity.”

Poised to reach the heights of the greats in Hip-Hop, his perseverance, positivity and work ethic were

never going to allow him to settle for mediocrity, and his quest for greatness continues.

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Compiled by ACE SWAY.


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