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A Review of "Roly Moes" by SALT

Roly Moes by SALT Cover Art
Cover Art Roly Moes by SALT

SALt is bringing a hauntingly beautiful song to the alternative music scene. "Roly Moes" tells a dark story that draws listeners in with its emotional intensity. As the song unfolds, we walk alongside a father searching for his daughter only to find her lost, transformed into someone he no longer recognizes. 

First, the music creates a brooding, ominous mood. The tempo moves slowly, almost like a funeral march. Echoing guitars and drums give a ghostly feeling. Lead singer Sophia Rogers' vocals further the sad and tragic vibe. As she sings, we feel the father's escalating pain and disappointment.  

Then, the lyrics reveal more of the unfolding drama. We learn the father hoped to reconnect with his "real" daughter. But when he sees the painted, ignoring woman on stage, he realizes he has lost her. His little girl is gone, replaced by a defiant stranger. 

SALT band picture on a staircase

By telling such a pitiful and frightening story through song, SALt proves their skill. The layered instrumentation and Sophia's commanding stage presence immerse listeners completely in this heartbreaking narrative. "Roly Moes" shows SALt's talent for blending vulnerability and confidence to connect powerfully with audiences. 




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