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“ARIOSO IN RED” by Dave Mohan

Dave Mohan is a United Kingdom based Artist starting his music with the debut release “Tears and Ashes” and other clinical pieces to check out on all major platforms.

His latest release track “Arioso in red” is so heartwarming, packed and it’s hard to imagine how much further Dave can push it. Once again Dave has stolen the show this year after he has distributed two tracks “Time and tides(re-Vox version )“ and “Caoinneadh for Ukraine” that absolutely give you all the energy you need, no caffeine needed.

After you’ve given your heart a breather and your lungs, you’re going to want to go at it again. It’s time for round 3, 4 minutes isn’t enough and you need to experience the breakdown in “Arioso in red” more than once. The track really is one of a kind, you can’t compare Dave to anyone because he is on his own, it won’t belong before you compare other artists to Dave. This piece is the perfect vessel for the sentimental, intimate emotion so delicately portrayed in the song. The bright, idiosyncratic voice combined with the heartfelt lyrics will vivify any listener’s heart and mind.

It’s simple, well-delivered, and overall effortlessly beautiful. The song starts off with an elegantly finger-picked acoustic guitar riff. Arioso in red comes in with a heartfelt-spoken verses. The voice outlines a melody but mimics speech, a technique that is difficult to execute, but always effective. It gives the illusion of closeness–of something unedited and real.

If you’re trying to get pumped up or need music to make you focus, “Arioso in red” is the four minute and thirty seconds you need in your life.

Reviewed by Ace Sway

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