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“CAROUSEL” by Eloise Alterman

Eloise Alterman creates music of exquisite sensitivity, fine spun songs that capture the subtlest nuances of heartache and loss. A self-taught pianist/guitarist who began penning soul-baring songs in her early teens while growing up in Detroit, Alterman deferred her acceptance to university and moved to Nashville alone at age 17, without knowing a soul in all of Music City.

After spending years working on her own to sharpen her craft she signed up with some big Record Labels.

Carousel is a track off the Sad Bird EP. Carousel commences stylishly with a memorable melodies along distinct vocals. While the instrumentation keeps your feet tapping and fingers snapping, you will get to enjoy every bit of Alterman’s song. I am inspired by her lyrics and know for sure you will be inspired as well after giving it a listen!

Reviewed by Ace Sway


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