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Chris St. John "With You": Love and Life

With You
Chris St. John's new EP "With You"

Chris St. John's new EP "With You" warmly celebrates lifelong love through heartfelt lyrics and robust melodies. The title track, in particular, tenderly traces a couple's journey from newlyweds to golden years. St. John based the song on his marriage, making the sentiments feel genuinely from the heart.

He sets the scene right away, singing "We were young back in the day, never much money anyway." The song then flows through the years, highlighting special moments like buying their first couch, having kids, and rocking on the front porch in old age. Furthermore, simple lyrics like "with you, with you" gets repeated throughout the song, emphasizing the couple's unbreakable bond.

Chris St. John darkhorse studio

As the ballad unfolds, acoustic guitars blend with piano to create a timeless, folky sound. Meanwhile, St. John's husky vocals brim with sincerity and emotion. Lines like "we made mistakes, we had some breaks, but we always found a way" highlight not just romance, but the hard work and commitment of lasting love.

Additionally, the organic musical arrangements suit the down-to-earth theme. Subtle percussion shuffles along like the passage of time, while occasional pedal steel guitar adds a nostalgic country vibe. Indeed, St. John says the lyrics reflect his real life story with his wife. This makes "With You" feel less like fantasy and more like a musical testament to the power of sticking together through life's ups and downs.

During turbulent times, "With You" spreads a bit of light by celebrating the ordinary magic that makes life worthwhile - things like laughter over dinner or a kiss goodnight. It reminds us to nurture our most precious relationships.





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