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"Civil" Swagger: Proklaim Blends Old and New

Civil By PROKLAIM cover art

With his latest single "Civil," rapper Proklaim bridges old school hip hop lyricism with modern Afrobeat production to craft an infectiously upbeat banger. Blending genres with swagger, Proklaim’s nimble wordplay glides effortlessly over the fusion instrumentation. Uptempo rhythms compel movement while profound themes give listeners plenty to ponder between head nods.

From the opening bars, "Civil" makes its ambitions clear - marrying boom-bap beats and African polyrhythms into an energetic mix. Proklaim launches right in with dextrous rhyme flows, employing clever internal schemes and rapid-fire delivery. Couplet after couplet, his technical abilities astonish as the bright production captures a celebratory mood. Lyrical highlights touch on loyalty, hustling mentality and seeking greatness beyond ego.  

As the song progresses, soulful sampled vocals provide a smooth contrast to the MC's fiery flows during the bridge section. The beat then strips back to percussion for a raw moment of unaccompanied rhyming prowess - Proklaim’s showcase of skills elicits cheers. By the end, his voice rings out clearly in a call-and-response fashion, sliding back into the polyrhythms.

With its creative fusion of old school and new school, "Civil" symbolizes hip hop's continuing evolution. Fans nostalgic for 90s NYC rap or enthusiasts of modern Afropop will find much to enjoy. At once a party starter and food for thought, "Civil" packs plenty of punch into its propulsive runtime.




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